Miller v. MBM Corp. (In re Ameriking Inc.)

Pre 2005-Act: 
Pre 2005-Act
Trustee was denied a motion to further amend a transfer avoidance action complaint on procedural grounds and since the proposed new cause of action was barred by Code section 549(d)'s two-year limitations period.
Procedural posture: 
Plaintiff chapter 7 trustee filed an original complaint seeking recovery from defendant transferee of eight alleged transfers aggregating $1,222,901 under 11 U.S.C. §§ 547, 548, 502(d) and 550. The amended complaint asserted the same claims as the original complaint, but added a new two-page exhibit "B," detailing 56 apparently additional transfers totaling $4,959,980. The trustee moved for leave to file a second amended complaint.
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